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Angel Juicer

ANGEL JUICER produces squeezed juice from almost everything , from pomegranates and apples to wheat sprouds and needles from Siberian fur. Do you prefer cocktails or  just one flavour juices ? Would you like to improve your health through natural aids?ANGEL JUICER is the best you can choose!  Its functions are not limited to juices: You can also enjoy the vitamin-rich milk realized from germinated wheat grain , sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and flax seeds... ANGEL JUICER is ideal for wheat grass, barley, and medicinal herbs.

The revolutionary costruction,  entirely made of stainless steel, consists of impaler press systems with two rotor-grinders, which rotates with three horse-power strength  at the low speed of 82 rotations per minute (the most ideal speed). This allows enzymes and nutrients to be kept  in your juice.


ANGEL JUICER let you save a lot of money
, even if you only squeexe juice for one person. Juicing for the whole family would obviously increase savings and be a source of well-being for everyone.
Angel's features , such as cold pressing, make it far superior to any centrifugal juicer or blender:
 the amount of juice with ANGEL is always higher  by 30% to 300%!