"LIVING JUICE" is the exclusive distributor of Angel Co Ltd in Europe and the Nordic countries.

Angel Co Ltd is a company with over 30 years of history. It was founded in 1982 as a research center to create a cold press juicer which would have allowed vitamins and enzymes to be kept alive in the juice. 

Today , Angel juicer is the undisputed leader among juicing devices

Thousands of satisfied customers in Korea, Japan, USA, UK, Germany and Australia have already appreciated the unique possibilities of Angel Juicer. Since 2010 also in Europe.


Today, Angel Juicer represents a precious contribution to the development and continuing growth of the global devices , with the aim  to preserve people's health.

Company History

October 1982 Began the research in the field of juice extractors
May 1983 The company Angel Co. Ltd was founded
November 1984 The first prototype of the product was created ( juicing module)
August 1990 Received the module approval (№Jeon-2-8-3121)
February 1991 Requested for the patent of the invention (№91-2911)
March 1991 Its quality was awarded (testing organization for electrical and electronic products) and began production of the "Gold"
May 1991 It started the production of the products Auto
June 1991 The company was chosen as a promising company in the field of midsize businesses
October 1991 Approval for the module(№Jeon-2-8-3463) was obtained
March 1992 Approval for the module (№Jeon-2-8-3757) was obtained The company became a member of the Association for the Supervision of Safety of household. The company was named official supplier for juices at Dedzhon EXPO.
October 1992  The American patent for the invention was obtained  (US 515672А) and exports to continental America started
November 1992 It started exporting products to Japan
April 1993 Awarding of  the quality seal "Rit" The company participated in the International Health Congress.
May 1993 The company participated in the "International Exhibition of Achievements in 1993 in Pittsburgh U.S.A, receiving the award for "outstanding achievements"
July 1993 American label "UL" was obtained
October 1993 It won the Grand Prize of the 29th at the Exhibition of Advertising Dsungan, "Award to popularity among consumers." It won the "Grand Award for excellence in the field of electrical appliances." KT seal was obtained: the best technology in Korea. "The recognition of new technologies for household products"
January 1994 Award of  the ISO 9002 certificate
November 1995 Starting the new product development Angela
March 1999 Starting sales of Angela1 at the domestic market
September 1999 Starting  export to Japan
November 1999 Starting the development of "Hele Bank"
October 2001 Starting  of development of Angela 2
March 2003 Development of Angela 2 completed
March 2004 Sales of Angela 2 starts
October 2004 Starting  the export to Australia
February 2005 Starting the production of commercial juicers
April 2005 Starting  the development of large juicers for productive destination
June 2005 Applying for the patent for the invention of Angelia (Angel Juicer)
July 2005 Starts sale of Angelia (Angel Juicer)
August 2005 Opening of the representative office in Seoul
September 2005 The European CE certification is obtained
October 2005 It began to be exported Angelia (Angel Juicer) to U.K.
December 2005 It began to be exported Angelia (Angel Juicer) to Australia
February 2006 It began to be exported Angelia (Angel Juicer) to USA
September 2006 Obtained ISO 14000 certification
December 2008 It is signed the exclusive contract for the supply of Angel Juicer in Russia, CSI, Nordic and Baltic countries.
February 2009 It began to be exported Angel Juicer to Russia
March 2009 It began to be exported Angel Juicer to Kazakhstan
March 2010 It began to be exported Angel Juicer to Ukraine