Technical Features

Country of Production: South Korea

Manufacturer: Angel Co. Ltd.

Trade mark: Angel Juicer

Model: Angelia, Living Juice 5500,7500

Size of inlet: 43, 18 mm

Weight in the packaging: 14 kg

Consumable voltage/current frequency: 230V/50 Hz

Pressing Strength : 3 horse-power

Engine Power : 180 W (1/4 horse-power)

Rotor-grinder speed: 82 rotations per minute

Size of rotor: length 212.7 mm, diameter 60.32 mm

Easy to dismantle: yes

Easy to clean: yes

Can it be washed in a dish washer: 99% 99% (except the wooden pusher and silicon gaskets)

Motor cool-down: yes

Design and construction: premium-class quality

Thermostat: yes

Safety lock: yes

 Uninterrupted operation Time: 60 minutes (and 10-15 minutes of cool-down) or with periodic use of the Stop button, unlimited.

Double motor-grinders: the motors are made of FDA-approved surgical stainless steel. It provides for the maximum quality juice which retains vitamins and enzymes for a long time.

European certification: СЕ

Operation manual: yes

Warranty: 3 years for components and 5 years on engine 

Single Identification number for every juicer: yes (located on the stickers on the bottom)

Size of packaging: length 550 mm, width 260 mm, height 370 mm

Overall hardware dimensions: length 495.3 mm, width 196.8 mm, height 266.7 mm

Service kit:: yes (4 plastic liners, 2 safety locks, 1 silicon gasket, 1 self tapping screw)