Why is not a simple blender

Living juice is full of enzymes and vitamins thanks to the slowest speed grinder, just 82 rotations per minute, which does not  produce any  friction or heating.

To get the best quality juice, the  dietary  fiber should be  grinded well, but in a way that avoid any heating  process , since this would "kill" the precious enzymes and vitamins. Juices are  living and organic products. The sun, saturating plants with energy, activates enzyme activity, however, under even the slightest heating, they are completely destroyed  and , as a consequence, the juice loses strength. That's why it is very important that the speed of grinder is low enough. The grinder in the Angel Juicer has the ideal speed, 82 rotations per minute. This makes  ANGEL's juice be always ALIVE! 

Juice even from seeds and grains - the strenght of three horse-power grinding allows you to do it

The strength of three horse-power grinding allows you to do it! Juice or vitamin-rich milk from seeds and grains : ANGEL JUICER is the only one in the world which can do this with maximum results and keeping useful vitamins. Milk from germinated wheat grain...


Premium-class quality.

Made entirely of stainless steel, manually, crafted with great care, with a juice extraction device made from the highest quality and class surgical stainless steel. Absolutely Hygienic, reliable, and long-lasting. It is a precious gift that you can leave to  your children and grandchildren.

It saves your money!

In comparison with ordinary centrifugal or separator juicers, the amount of juice you get from the Angel juicer is always higher, from 30% to 300%. The Angel squeezes practically everything, except rocks , to the last drop! The residue pulp of our juice is so dry that it can even be burnt. Please, take a look to our video, in the «Savings» section.

The comparison chart of the quantity of juice you get from  Angel and good centrifugal and separator juicers.


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The unique and at the same time easy to use construction allows you to learn very quickly how to use Angel. To assemble the juicer, you just have to one nozzle!

Easy to clean.

ANGEL JUICER even cleans itself. You only need to pour some water (100-150 g.) into the inlet, or you could just put it in the dish washer. It's so simple, it's so brilliant!

Three horse-power juice extraction.

Thanks to the high-quality  constructed system with two rotor-grinders, strong motor and three-layer filtration system, ANGEL JUICER can break cellulose fibers as well as fruit and vegetable cells, extracting the nutrients kept inside , allowing you to get such a juice thick and rich in color ,as well as sweet and intense in the flavour. Our juice is not just healthier, but much more delicious too!

Absolute universality

.. a wide range of juicing possibilities. Juice can be extracted from practically any vegetables, fruits (including soft fruits) , leafy greens, wheat sprouts, roots, medicinal herbs, and even pine needles, seeds and grains. Juice extraction from soy beans (soy milk), tofu, and nut oils is possible. 

Very silent  engine

Angel works almost silently. You will never wake anybody making juice in the morning.