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Living juice

Our company is called “Living Juice” and this is not by chance. With ANGEL cold press will get always 100% living juice..

What is the living juice? Could there be another kind of juice?

Our body is composed of millions of small cells, and all are living cells. This means that all the power of the cells must be alive and active.

Our food is alive when containing cells and invisible elements such as enzymes. Enzymes are the basis of life and active longevity, biologically active catalysts that speed up chemical reactions that take place in our body. Specialists believe that enzymes are able to "digest" including cancer cells. The main source of enzymes are plant foods (all vegetables and fruits) grains, seeds and of course sprouts (4-5 days).

For juice preparation is very important how the juice is extracted from the fibers..

Today we know two ways: a centrifuge (blender) or press. Two completely different results: a product dead and a living product. In the first case, the temperature and its impact is devastating to the lifeblood of plants, fruits, vegetables and seeds, as, with a slight increase in temperature enzymes and vitamins are destroyed. In the case of the blender, the temperature rise is simply inevitable due the high rotational speed (thousands rpm !) .... Cold pressing is the best alternative, allowing live enzymes maintain health and not only that ... In the live juice are vitamins A В, С, Е, healthy micronutrients, antioxidants and natural antibiotics. The first result is a beautiful skin, radiant and smooth. And not only the skin but also improves our vision. Our hair becomes beautiful and our nails strong. The juices and the healthy substances obtained help strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis. Aging can wait still long behind the door. The elixir of youth in its purest form is the "milk" of germinated wheat sprouts, really does wonders!

Living juices are natural "female hormones". The efficacy of pomegranate and its seeds juice, in a matter as sensitive as the male potency, is approved clinically. See article "pomegranate juice").

The living juices and in particular berries juices contain a lot of active antioxidants, which guarantee protection against cancer or the ability to slow it down At the article pomegranate juice, you will find links to medical sources with information on the effectiveness of this juice against prostate cancer ...

Living juices allow strengthen capillaries, "clean" the liver and much, much more ... The healthy properties of the living juices can be raised to infinity, but what really matters is that LIVING JUICE ARE OUR HEALTH, BEAUTY AND ACTIVE LONGEVITY..