Angel Juicer extractor makes it easy to squeeze the juice of pomegranate, apple, from wheat sprouts to fir needles.

Do you like juice cocktail or do you prefer simple juice?
Would you like  to improve your health in a natural way?

ANGEL JUICER will help you to fulfill your desires.

Its functionality is not limited to the juice!
You can also realize high protein content milk from wheat germ  , sesame seeds, sunflower, pumpkin, flax...
Angel Juicer is perfect for wheat, barley, medicinal herbs and sprouts.

Its revolutionary structure entirely made of stainless steel, includes  two 3-horse-power crushing rotors, working with a rotation of less than 82 rotations  per minute (the ideal range), thereby keeping alive all enzymes and nutrients in the juice.

Angel Juicer allows considerable savings, even if the juice is prepared for a single person.
This savings is higher if the juice is produced for the whole family.

Angel Juicer  features such as cold pressing, greatly exceed the characteristics of a blender centrifuge or separation type.

The amount of juice is always superior with Angel - from 30% up to 300%!

Angel 5500 Luxury 

It is the base product in the scale of Angel Juicer. Reverse mechanism available exclusively manual. The stainless steel used in this model is SUS 304.

Angel 7500 Luxury

Angel 7500 Luxury is the same as 5500 , but with automatic reverse syste. 
Stainless Steel used in this model is the same as 5500, SUS 304. 

Angel 8500S Luxury

Angel 8500S Luxury  has the same features as 7500 model, except for the rotors, the compression cylinder (filter) and anti-splash flap which are made ​​of stainless steel SUS316 instead of SUS 304. The same steel SUS316 is used for surgical instruments.