Angel 8500S Luxury

Angel 8500 S Luxury is the TOP in the range of juice extractors Angel
Squeeze the juice of almost all products: apple, pomegranate, wheatgrass, even fir leaf. Angel is not limited to fruit juices, you can also enjoy milk protein rich in vitamins and wheat germ, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin, flax, etc. Angel Juicer is perfect for wheat, barley, herbs and sprouts.

These are its main features:

  1. Entirely made of stainless steel it has two types of steel: SUS304 for engine block motor - and surgical steel SUS-316 in the overhang, 2 rotors, perforated cylinder and anti-splash cover.
  2. Easy to clean and use. Its design allows not only learn how to use Angel very quickly, but also extremely easy to clean.
  3. Low rotation speed, only 82 revolutions per minute, to save the healthy substances in the juice and let the enzymes intact because of the almost complete absence of friction and heating due to the low speed of rotation.
  4. A force up to 3 horses of its crushing rotors.
  5. The holes in the compression filter are calibrated and designed to obtaining optimal juice.
  6. Its security system
  7. Absolute versatility: is possible to obtain any fruit juice from vegetables, berries (raisins, currants, ...) of sheets (birch, ...) of cereals (wheat, sunflower, ...) of roots (radish, ginseng, ...) soybean (soy milk. ..) nuts and nut butter
  8. REVERSE Mechanism Automatic
  9. Silent while operating.
  10. Absolute hygiene due the quality of the components, only stainless steel.
  11. 3 year warranty for accessories and 5 for the motor.

Provided by Ben 6 security system. Absolute safety

  • Automatic REVERSE system in case that a piece of food remains jammed
  • Its automatic system disconnects the motor in case of overheating
  • Its automatic system disconnects the motor if the compression cylinder is more than 2 inches away from the motor (not closed properly the clip)
  • A torque limiter to protect the engine against overload
  • Waterproofing control panel
  • Fuse protection against high voltage

The machine is sold with all accessories, including standard and optional equipment.

Accessories included for free in Europe
  • A push stick handpiece with silicone ring for liquid fruit/vegetable juice
  • A stainless steel pitcher with handle that Angel has designed, for an elegant way to serve your juices.
  • A brush to clean the outer cylinder.
  • Replacement Kit - 3 silicone rings for manifold filter. 
  • An English DVD with demonstrations and simple suggestions, presenting different recipes.
  • English manual with explanation of other recipes and a glossary of nutrients, so you can make tasty juices.

  • A container for collecting the juice
  • A container for collecting waste
  • A wooden stick
  • Rounded steel spatula for use in the pulp
  • A cover anti splashes
  • A round brush to clean inside the cylinder
  • A spare fuse