Golden Boar
symbol of financial prosperity of Korea

The ANGEL savings are 30 up to 300%! We organize demonstrations so you can see by yourself and be convinced.

Here some examples 

1. We juice a kilo of carrots with a centrifugal juicer. The result: 490 g of juice. Residues are often wet enough, so many housewives do not discard this pulp, because sometimes, can be used to prepare meatballs.

2. We take the residuals obtained with the centrifugal and then squeeze with ANGEL. Of the residues we still get 320 ml of juice! Watch the video - "Saving with Angel"

This is called saving!

3. Take 150 g of wheat sprouts. We squeeze with ANGEL. We obtain 140 g of a very aromatic juice. Waste of juice is mere straw. Proceed: to burn! This is only possible with ANGEL!

4. Let's make a comparison with any other product. The result: detailed information on our comparative table.

Now we calculate.

We take the average price of one kilo of carrots, about € 1.10. We squeeze it with a common device and get 1/2 liter of juice. Just keep in mind that we need a liter of juice at day (1 glass per head for each member of a 4 persons family) so we will need 2 kg. of carrots, this is equivalent to € 2.20.

With ANGEL the result for 1 kg of carrots is 0.8 liters, which means this same liter at day will cost 1,37 euro.

Without ANGEL you will waste about 300 euro per year!


€ 1.599, 00

ANGEL JUICER 7500 Luxury
€ 1.285,00

ANGEL JUICER 5500 Luxury

€ 1.190,00

€ 139,00

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